Doug's Sculpture

   Just like to say thanks for the introductory carving info on your website and for the inspiration
(Eagle) for my first (maybe last) soapstone carving. I had picked up a chunk of soapstone at a garage sale for a $1 about 5 years ago and it lay around the basement until this past March when I felt I needed to do something creative after a prolonged winter bathroom renovation project. The stone was about 8"x 4"x 4" and its previous owner had made a cut around one end about 3/4" from the end and about 1/2" deep which seemed to limit its possible use. I went on the internet to look for some carving examples and when I saw your eagle instructions I realized this would be ideal particularly as I have an affinity for birds ( I'm a birder) and I have created other bird sculptures from gourds. You can see the result


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