I would advise reading the next several pages before starting to drill or cut.


2.   After you have cut out your form. you will see that each leg extends the full width of the stone. In order to remove the unwanted stone, you will have to employ a technique known as pointing.

  The masters of old would make a model of a sculpture that they intended to carve, this form could be replicated in stone by drilling hundreds of holes into the marble. These holes will weaken the stone so it can be easily removed with the mallet and chisel.
In this case we will remove the unwanted portion of each leg. You should mark the areas that you are going to remove, on either side of the bear, before drilling.   


3. Take caution not to drill the same leg out on both sides of the bear. The holes are drilled half the width of the stone. I gauge this by marking the drill with a marking pen to the depth I desire to drill. By keeping the holes close together, the stone should only break to the drilled line. On the picture at the left, the drill holes on the left side of the stone are shown.




4.  The picture at the left shows the drill holes on the right side of the stone.