by Malvina Hoffman



'The Way of a Serpent on the Rock" plaster
'Despair" bronze


'Richard Hoffman" marble
"Samuel B. Grimson" (Honorable Mention, Paris Salon, 1910), bronze
"William Astor Chanler" bronze
"Robert Bacon" bronze
"Russian Dancers" group (First Prize, Paris, 1911), bronze


"Mrs. Irwin L. Laughlin," face in marble
"Mrs. Irwin L. Laughlin," bust in marble
"Bacchanale Russe" (original statuette, fourteen inches), bronze
"L'Après-midi d'un Faun" (statuette), bronze
"John Keats" (finished in 1926), marble


"Frileuse" (fountain; three studies, l9l0 - l913), bronze
"Mort Exquise" group, marble
"Roger Kahn" (bas-relief), terra cotta


"Les Orientales" group (Pavlova and Novikoff), bronze


"Roger Kahn" (portrait bust), marble
Pavlova, "La Gavotte" (statuette; Honorable Mention, San Francisco, 1915), bronze; (National Academy, Watrous Medal), wax
"Boy and Panther Cub" (fountain, twenty inches), bronze
"Boy and Panther Cub" (five feet, six inches), bronze


"Richard Hoffman 3rd" marble, plaster
"Bacchanale Russe" (over life-size, Luxembourg Gardens, Paris), bronze
"Bacchanale Russe" (over life-size, Cleveland Art Museum), bronze
"Frederick Pierce" (portrait), marble
"Colonel Milan Pribicevic in Uniform" (bust), bronze
"Column of Life" group (later version 1939; with "Oriental Pedestal" six centers of Kundalini in low bronze reliefs), marble and bronze


"Fidelia M. Hoffman" (life-size high-relief face), marble
"Fidelia M. Hoffman" (life-size portrait of head), marble
"Modern Crusader" (Colonel Milan Pribicevic in helmet), bronze
"James G. Croswell," bronze
"Offrande" group (George Widener Medal, Pennsylvania Academy; Helen Foster Barnett Prize, National Academy), marble and bronze
"General Sir David Henderson" (portrait), simili pierre
"Colonel Philippe Bunau-Varilla" (portrait), bronze
"John Muir" (portrait), bronze


"Hindu Incense Burner" (seated figure), bronze
"Henry C. Frick" (portrait), marble


"The Sacrifice" ("La Douleur est la Mére de la Beauté), Caen stone


"La Péri" (dancing group, Pavlova and Stowitz), bronze
"Bill Working" bronze
"The Misses Cromwell" (bas-relief in conjunction with Edward McCartan), bronze


"Rohert Bacon" (posthumous portrait), bronze
"Paderewski the Statesman" bronze
"Paderewski the Artist" bronze
"Paderewski the Man" bronze


"Paderewski the Friend" plaster


"Hand of Jean-Julien Lemordant" bronze


Frieze, "Bacchanale Russe" (26 panels), plaster
"Mrs. E. H. Harriman" (portrait), marble and bronze
"Paul M. Warburg" (portrait; also reduced to seven inches, second version (posthumous),


"Samuel B. Grimson" (portrait in helmet), bronze
"Anna Pavlova as Byzantine Madonna" (bas-relief), plaster
"Anna Pavlova" (mask), wax
"Anna Pavlova" (half life-size), bronze
"Anna Pavlova" (hands folded over her breast; life-size), marble


Bush House, London "Anglo-American Friendship" group, stone


"Boy Neptune" (fountain), bronze
"Agnes Yarnall" (bust), stone
"Jean-Julien Lamordant" (bust), simili pierre
"Ivan Mestrovic" (over lifesize portrait), bronze "Bill Resting," bronze
"Frank Damroseh" bronze


"Kneeling Girl" marble and bronze
"Torso" (man of Breton Memorial), granite


"Vita Nova" (hands over life-size), simili pierre
"Vita Nova" (ten inches), bronze
Memorial, "Four Horseman of the Apocalypse" (in the round), plaster
"War" (one of the Four Horsemen, mosaic), colored cement
Two "Pegasus" heads, two gateposts, stone
"Dr. William H. Draper and Dr. William K. Draper" (has-relief portraits), bronze
"Senegale" black Belgian marble


104 portraits, heads, busts, and figures for the Hall of Man, Chicago, three in marble; bronze


Equestrian group. "Death," "Pestilence," "Famine," "War" (bas-reliefs), plaster
"Martinique Woman" (over life-size), black Belgian marble
"Cockfighter and Cock" bronze "Arab Stallion" (eighteen inches), bronze
"Mme. La Motte" simili pierre
"Coal Man" coal
"Brick Man" brick
"Lady Next Door" (also known as "The Witch"), simili pierre
"Mattressmaker" bronze
"Mme. Emma Eames" (bas-relief, first version), marble
"Giovanni Boldini" bronze
"Java Woman" (mask), black Belgian marble


"Martinique Woman" sandalwood
Siamese cat "Kiki" (first version, sitting up), simili pierre and bronze Siamese cat
"Kiki" (second version, asleep), marble, bronze
"Rita de Acosta Lydig" (portrait bust), alabaster
"Malvina Hoffman" (first version, relief), stone
"Malvina Hoffman" (second version, with hand), stone
"Dr. Albert Simard" bronze
"Pulpit" Church of the Heavenly Rest (Memorial), stone


"Percy Memorial" stone, background bronze
"Jewish Mausoleum" Jacob Epstein, Baltimore (architectural drawings, in-terior and exterior to scale)
"John G. Shedd" (portrait), bronze
"Stanley Field" bronze
"Cambodian Dancer" (rehearsal figure), bronze


"Bali Fan Dancer" (eighteen inches), bronze
"Cambodian Dancer in Costume" bronze
"Mongolian Archer" bronze


"Egyptian Dancer, Nyota Inyoka" bronze
"Uday-Shankar" (seated figure), bronze
"John Thomson Hodgen" (bas-relief), bronze
"Marquis of Reading" (portrait), bronze


"Marcel Griaule Pierrot" (life-size head), bronze
"Felix M. Warburg" (life-size portrait), bronze
"Kinnicutt Fountain" St. Mark's School, stone
"Mrs. George G. Frelinghuysen" marble
"Frances Rich" (life-size head), marble


"Memorial Panel for Groton School Chapel" stone


"Elemental Man" (over life-size), plaster
"Adolph Ochs" (portrait), bronze
"Girl on the Beach" marble and bronze


"Miss Anne Morgan" (portrait, threequarter figure; bust), bronze
"Goddess of Safety" group (in the round), aluminum and bronze
"Bali Dancer" ("Bow and Arrow" figure), bronze
"Frank Roberts, Liberian Dancer" bronze
"Lila A. Stewart" plaque (has-relief memorial), bronze


"Orpheus and Eurydice" (seven inches), bronze; (twenty inches), stone


"Pagan's Prayer" (one-third life-size figure and life-size figure), bronze
"Thomas L. Chadbourne" bronze
"St. Francis and His Animal Friends" (fifty-eight inches), bronze


"Artur Bodansky" (portrait), bronze
"Ernest Peixotto" (portrait), bronze
"Paderewski-Last Phase" (head), bronze


"Winnie" (nude figure of woman holding drapery back of her; Coty Award for Best Design and Style of Year), bronze
"Mrs. Garfield King" (posthumous portrait head), terra cotta
"Archie Gibbs" (portrait of merchant mariner twice torpedoed same night, four days on Nazi submarine), colored plaster
"Charles Armand de Rouge"' (medallion three-quarter life-size), electroplate


"Basque Sailor" (heroic head), plaster
"Adelaide Nutting Medal" bronz


"Dr. Sanford Gifford" (posthumous portrait; head only; three versions), bronze and terra cotta
"William Adams Delano" (life-size portrait bust), bronze
"Wendell L. Willkie" (study and two versions; posthumous), bronze
"Unicorn" (book end, eight inches), bronze on marble
"Lion" (book end, eight inches), bronze on marble


"Weddell Garden Memorial Plaque" (relief eighteen inches by twenty-four inches and thirty inches by forty inches), Tennessee marble
"Christ Walking on the Water" (set in carved frame), bronze
"Thomas J. Watson" (life-size portrait bust), bronze
"Randolph Winslow" (life-size portrait, posthumous), bronze
"Rosen Memorial Shaft" (for Katonah Churchyard) granite
"Edward S. Harkness" (life-size portrait bust) bronze


"George B. Cutten" (life-size portrait bust), bronze


."Jester" champion poodle, bronze on marble
"Dr. Leconte de Nouy" (life-size portrait posthumous)
"Henry James" (life size portrait, posthumous) bronze
"Dr. Harvey Cushing" (life size portrait, posthumous) bronze
"Armand de Rouge plaque reduced
"Pére Teilhard de Chardin" (two versions, life size portrait bust), bronze
"Memorial Plaques for IBM offices "He telleth the number of the stars, He calleth them all by their names" bronze


Memorial Flag poles for IBM, bronze on granite


"Dean Virginia Gildersleeve" (life-size portrait bust) bronze
"Lucy Archbold" (life-size head), bronze


War Memorial sculpture for Épinal, Vosges, France American Battle Monuments. Panels incised into wall surface , "Angel" (three feet, for over altar in Chapel); "Two Roundels" (for over entrance to Museum and Chapel)


"Royal Air Force Trophy" (figure), bronze
"Swami Vivekananda" (three-quarter figure, posthumous portrait), bronze


"Henry E. Perry", (posthumous portrait), bronze
"Sri Ramakrishna" (posthumous portrait bust), alabaster and bronze


"Citizen Thomas Paine" (over life-sized bust for Hall of Fame) bronze
"Walter Rosen" posthumous portrait bust), bronze


Bullfight series:: "Dying Bull" ,"Young Bull", "Picador" (man, horse, and bull), "Banderillero"',"Matador with Capa"',"Matador with Sword", "Verónica" (matador with hat) "Momento de Ia Verdad" (man and bull), bronze
"Dr. Selman Waks" (life-size portrait bust) bronze
"Holy Mother of India" (life-size portrait bust) bronze
"Henry de Monfreid" (portrait head; Honorable Mention, National Arts Club, bronze
"Milliken Road Marker" granite


Kimber Awards: "Ruth Slenzcynska" Music Award three inch medal) bronze; Genetics Award for National Academy of Sciences, bronze
"Brotherhood of Man" Medallists Society, New York City; medal portrait, profiles of four races) bronze,
"Portuguese Horseman"' ("Rejoneador" man in flat hat and horse, bronze
"Portuguese Horseman" ( Rejoneador" man in court costume and horse, bronze
"Quality of Mercy Is Not Strained" (plaque in memory of Helen F Draper, presented to American Red Cross, New York City Branch bronze
"William Francis Gibbs" (life-size portrait bust)
"Alice Laughlin" (posthumous portrait), terra cotta
"St. Andrew" (bronze relief on wooden background), bronze


"Dr. Charles Malik" (portrait head), bronze
Joslin Hospital, Boston project (thirteen bas-relief panels depicting the evolution of medicine for the facade of building), stone


"John Keats" (mask from Malvina Hoffman head of Keats), terra cotta
"Dr. Elliott P. Joslin"(bas-reIief portrait, round), terra cotta


Tiny Figures: 1. Man lifted in arc over standing figure; 2 Upper man, hand-stand on figure below; 3. Upper man's head against side of standing man; José Limon in dance pose; 5. "Russian Dancer" left knee bent, right extended 6."Torch Bearer" standing figure, 7. Three men, head and feet on ground, two above, handstand on man below, all in bronze cast directly from wax.
"Unknown Lady" (life-size head), stone
"Marshall Field 3rd" (life-size posthumous portrait, bas-relief), bronze


"Trinity School Plaques" (Cole Medal), bronze


"Katharine Cornell" (life-size portrait head), bronze
"Bayard Dodge" (life-size portrait head), bronze
"Walter Rothschild" (posthumous bas-relief portrait), bronze
"Henry David Thoreau" (over life-size bust, placed in Hall of Fame), bronze
"Henry David Thoreau-Young Thoreau" (life-size bust), plaster
"Marguerite Youncenar" (life-size portrait head), terra cotta


"Professor William Ernest Hocking" (life-size portrait), bronze
"Swami Nikhilananda" (life-size portrait), bronze
"Frank Talbott" (life-size portrait--head), bronze
"Henry Clay Frick" (bas-relief portrait), stone