8.  Using the Hacksaw or a flat rasp angle the body to meet the head.







9.  You are now ready to shape the body. Using the half round rasp define the body as you outline the position of the legs and head.. This consists of three basic cuts on either side of the bear. The 1st cut starts in front of the shoulder hump and runs down about halfway between the forward leg and the head. The 2nd cut starts behind the hump and runs down behind the front leg. The 3rd cut starts in front of the hip and runs down in front of the hind leg. These cuts should be shaping the body at the same time as they are starting to define the body and leg areas.

This diagram shows these cuts.


10. The basic cuts to form the muscle structure of the legs are shown at left. You can now begin to see where the major muscle areas will be located.

 The muscle structure of the bear of the bear is shown on the linked page.